gigabyte gtx 750 2g oc

gigabyte gtx 750 2g oc

We refurbished our Gigabyte GTX 750 and in hindsight it looks like that was a good move. In light of the fault with our GTX 1060 we are using the GTX 750 pending the replacement.

We play games at 1920×1080. Many games are relatively demanding and the fog effects etc tend to bog down video cards. The GTX 750 can do it but the card is working hard with the fan at max.

Doom 3 BFG has been remastered which is why the game is a more demanding than the original. We were playing Doom 3 BFG on the machine simply as the game is that good. Today we are playing the recycling area which offers smog to choke on.

Painkiller: Black Edition also gets the fans running hard. The reason is that the game has a lot of demons to kill so the shaders have to be called a lot due to the dynamic gameplay.

The GTX 750 is thermally stable after we repaired the thermal material. EVGA also approves of a consumer repairing the thermal material and we confirmed that earlier today when we spoke to them about a warranty claim. We provided the card serial number and provided the receipt from PayPal which we use for payment. PayPal records are excellent which is helpful for warranty claims etc

EVGA is well known to look after their customers which is why we used them. Older cards like out GT 640 4GB and GTX 660 Ti still work fine. The warranty on them expired long ago.

We use Corsair PSUs as they are, for all intents and purposes, invincible. They are rock solid and we continue to use Corsair as they have rock solid products. We use 850W class power supplies which afford abundant power for any video card. The biggest power pig so far has to be the HD 6970 which we used for about 18 months before we bought the GTX 660 Ti to get ahead of games better.