Origin LogoEA believes Microsoft sold about 30 consoles towards the end of 2017 while rival Sony sold more than 73 million consoles.

This is the second time EA has mentioned Xbox One sales. In January 2016, EA said during an earnings call that about 18 million to 19 million of the consoles had been sold.

Consoles are a smaller market compared to PC gaming. Still millions of consoles are sold every year. The result is moe fragmentation of the market which ads to costs.

Consoles tend to be used by younger players, the PC comes in as they grow up and start to use a PC for school and homework. Eventually they discover the PC has games too.

The next generation consoles are not expected any time soon but may in -6 months a new crop of machines will surface mostly to take advantage of technological improvements.

EA also expects current generation consoles to hit 130 million by the end of this year, up 27 million. The Nintendo Switch as grown in popularity.

Microsoft has not mentioned console sales in their earnings reports so we have to rely on game publishers reports.