windows 10When we first setup Windows on the 2019 rig we only used 8GB of memory. Windows runs fine with 8GB of memory. A few days after we finished assembly  we upgraded the RAM to 24GB. The motherboard can support 64GB and that is not all that expensive anymore. See Cram it With RAM.

Immediately the boot process was faster. There is far less need for the swap file with a vast amount of physical memory. The main reason for the faster boot is memory management, Windows does not have to worry about where to map a loaded program.

The task manager shows the same amount of memory used but the swap file has become larger. Windows manages the swap file as a  function of installed memory. The hibernate file also is larger to match main memory.

With 24GB of memory we are now far ahead of the mainstream. The combination of a fast CPU with a vast pool of memory and a powerful GPU mean we can play any game published.

24GB DDR4-2400The 8 GB of memory used is one of the main motivations for increasing the memory. The Committed memory is 12.3GB which is one of the main reasons for installing more main memory. With 24GB there is very little need for the swap file as Windows can load it all as needed.


More eye opening was the task manager and the GPU tab, Previously the shared memory was 3.5GB and now it is 12GB. It seems Windows wants to share 50% of main memory with the GPU. This might work for integrated graphics but the GTX 1060 has dedicated high bandwidth GDDR5 memory.

GPU in Windows 10 1809 with 24GB memory

Notice the shared GPU memory is 12GB, this is 50% of the total main memory. We have noticed this shared memory is not used by Windows. This may be compressed as Windows 10 uses compression to reduce main memory requirements.


With 16GB or more memory the use of the swap file is negligible. This is one of the big reasons for the performance boost with 24GB of memory. Even with a SSD the swap file is a lot slower than main memory.

With lower prices and wide availability of 8GB and 16GB DDR4 sticks it’s now much more viable to have 32GB installed than ever before.