msi-gtx-1070It seems that fake video cards have a new web-site from where they are selling their garbage. msi-stores.com and msi-shops.com have offers of a GTX 1070 for $79 which is 90% below current legitimate prices. Seems to be no end to the supply of miscreants who swindle shoppers on the internet.

Both sites appear to be copies from the same source code. This suggests somebody copied material from MSI and then modified it for their nefarious purposes. This is an all to common problem. we have also seem several fake Apple sites as well which sought to steal apple credentials.

MSI does not sell cards directly, instead they use a network of distributors. There are no direct retailers either.

All legitimate dealers have more then only MSI branded hardware. Amazon has MSI along with all other brands of motherboards, video cards and other components needed for a DIY gaming desktop.

We have been defrauded over fake DDR3 memory being sold on eBay..

The Vamery NVIDIA cards we quickly found to be old cards with a different BIOS installed which made them appear to be a more recent and expensive model.

The problems are far from recent, with the plethora of fake hardware out there.

Fakes are nothing new, and we are warning everyone to avoid this site. If it’s too good to be true to probably is fake. In latin, the old caveat emptor, still applies 2,000 years later.


  • Shanghai Meicheng Technology Information Development Co., Ltd.
  • chengdu, sichuan, china

This is likely fake as the email address given is doctored as 19249621@qq.com which when pasted into notepad comes up as email@qq.com so there is something suspicious here.

qq.com is owned by Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems CO.,Ltd and the site is very large internet portal similar to Google and Yahoo etc.