US $100Fiscal year 2010 was yet another joke. Pervasive ad blocking and the weak consumer spending are not helping. High unemployment has reduced site traffic by 90% from 5 years ago,

We moved our site to the new Microsoft Azure web servers as it seemed to be the best idea to move to the cloud,. The old IBM machine had finally bit the dust. Unfortunately we had to use a new URL as the HARDCORE-GAMES.TK domain could not be used with Azure..

We have now terminated using Google Adsense and we are now using Amazon Ads. Google has refused to pay us for earned resources, We have consequently had to reset the results. We estimate losses of around $50.

It has come to out attention that Google was sued on June 24, 2005 by a firm called Click Defence for $5 billion alleging that it doesn’t take adequate steps to prevent click fraud. Nothing from the legal action has done much to help websites solve problems, we have all be left twisting in the wind.