usb 3.0 expresscardThe Fresco Logic FL1100LX is a single chip USB 3.0 controller that provides a complete system for easy integration into low cost products.

The chip is designed for PCI Express 2.0 or above for maximum performance.

The FL1100LX supports the standard Extensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI) so it supports the full 5.0 gigabit speeds.

The FL100LX is adequately fast for high definition video and storage devices alike.

The FL1100LX controller features Fresco Logic’s patented GoXtream? xHCI Accelerator Engine, which maps the xHCI standard directly into a set of parallel functional units, providing acceleration of all xHCI operations while maintaining compatibility with existing software driver models.

The FL1100LX is mass produced for low cost ExpressCard and PCI Express cards.  The photo shows the ExpressCard implementation. The card we have features three USB 3.0 ports which depends on the slot for power. Several permutations of USB 3.0 cards are based on the FL1100LX.


We installed  a 54mm wide ExpressCard  version the FL1000LX into our Lenovo x220 laptop which doubled the number of available USB ports in addition to the USB 3.0 performance improvements.

We should mention that this card works much better than the integrated USB 2.0 ports with more power which seems to be under provisioned with the x220. We had issues connecting an iPhone to the USB 2.0 ports which presented a device descriptor failure.

The three port USB 3.0 design depends on the system board for power but a single phone seems to work fine.