FlightSimLabsWe reported the malware that Flight Sim Labs embedded into their game several months ago.

The company was caught red handed. The tool turned out to be from a company SecurityXploded and is called Chrome Password Dump. As the name suggests, the program is designed to automatically detect and extract all default passwords embedded in Google’s Chrome browser.

Since that time, Reddit has been ablaze with accusations and complains over even more aggressive tactics such as embedding spyware programs in the /windows/system32 folder.

First thoughts on the matter raises numerous questions:

  1. What legal boundaries is this pushing, if not directly breaking the law?
  2. How is the data being sent to FSLabs?
  3. How is the data being secured and who has access to it????
  4. What exactly are people’s usernames and passwords being used for???????????????????
  5. What on earth were they thinking???

In Canada where we are located, such surveillance is likely in violation of section 184 of the Criminal Code. Unlawful surveillance is also a charter violation of right to privacy. Moral turpitude is obvious. Cambridge Analytica’s wet dream?

Reports of censorship are even more alarming as free speech and free press are protect rights. Threats of legal actions only reinforce alienation.

Here in our studio we work hard to bring our readers fair and unbiased reports like any respectable journalist would.

When we see publishers resort to malware, we feel the line has been crossed. There are other ways to protect assets, with encryption and activation servers. Lower prices also reduce unlicensed copying.