fortniteWe had to chuckle over the latest update to the popular Fortnite game. No doubt that Epic and Gearbox have had their inbox loaded to the max with this one.

Fortnite is free to play with cosmetic elements being sold to those with more pesos to spend. Grinders can scrape up enough to hang on.

We uploaded this short MP4 file to you Youtube so our web server would not choke on a lot of page views.

This video appeared in season 6 and it has already been removed following they media frenzy over the bouncing buxom woman. Most likely they are going to remove the physics which we feel is censorship at its worst. So what if there is a video clip of a happy full figured woman.

No doubt the embarrassment will be well received given the media frenzy these days in Washington. Brett Kavanaugh has been a media circus for the last week or so as he is being reviewed for the Supreme Court. So some video in a game gets hammered with the #metoo campaign.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games at present and we suspect this was done to try to maintain the game’s position o the active list. It’s hard to compete with Dota 2.

There are games on Steam that are far more risqué than some bouncing boobs, Checkout House Party.

Fortnite is not the only battle royal game out there which is why we are cynical that this was intentional to get more players onboard. The game is not on Steam so the publisher has to come up with something outlandish to get more action with Google etc.

There have been many free for all area action games and Fortnite has been popular on mobile platforms. Quake 3 Arena is still one of the original battle royal games that really made the genre popular.