headerFrontlines: Fuel of War was released February 27, 2008 by THQ, now Nordic. The game was developed by Kaos. Frontlines: Fuel of War first person action role playing shooter.

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME – It does not work with recent PhysX drivers and that breaks other games that depend on a more recent driver version. We have raised this issue with Steam and asked them to get the publisher to fix this game. This is also due to NVIDIA immediately orphaning the users of the P1 PhysX card.

The gameplay focuses on a central mechanic, the frontline. This is designed to keep the action in one place, by focusing objectives closer together on the battlefield. The frontline also has bonuses. By moving it back and forth across the battlefield, the player may gain or lose weapons and equipment. The frontline mechanic is used in all game types, which forces players to choose which objectives they will pursue or defend, adding a strategic level to the gameplay.

The UCAV Drone plays a crucial role in gathering information in real time on the battlefield. The drone reconnoiters enemy units, which are visible through walls, and then show them on the player’s HUD and map. Some drones can also be used as a kamikaze bomb, by running them into enemy infantry and self destructing them.

There are four other drones, the Assault Drone, a small treaded vehicle with a mounted Gatling gun, a Mortar Drone, with a mounted four barreled mortar, an RC drone, which can be packed with C4 and used to destroy armored targets and finally a variant of the UAV drone equipped with anti-infantry rockets.

In an interview, Kaos stated that there would be more than 60 vehicles and weapons in the final game. Airstrikes will also play a large part in gameplay, being an effective way to destroy an opposing force from a distance.

Near release it was confirmed that the game would not support cross-platform play, but the developers have stated that they are considering eventually moving the franchise towards becoming a Live Anywhere title.

The game features 22 different weapons that can be used in various stages of a given mission.