headerFrozen State was released on August 5, 2016 by Flux Studio who also developed the game. Frozen State is an isomorphic zombie survival shooter.

This game was on early access alpha. It has been patched many times as development grinds on.

The game world of Frozen State is overwhelmed the man-made ice age meant to protect the human race from alien hybrids. The last survivors have formed the Resistance.

Players have to defend the world from the onslaught . The features 65 different maps compared to the free Alien Swarm which only came with 7.

The game has a crafting system which is now more common with games. Crafting is used for food, weapons, barricades, traps and shelters.

The goal of the game is simple, repair the transport.

Lots of ways to die, thirst, killed, frozen and naturally by some mutilated beast. The game has some RPG feel which is more common with games these days. The idea is make the game more immersive.

The WASD with mouse is usually OK but this game needs to work on it..

Frozen Stete screenshot