steam_icon_logo-svgWe review games and if they are on Steam we post them there for our followers. This is common practice.

We usually have one sentence along with a link to the game review on the site. Not many referrals from Steam but its still there for those who want to look at our profile etc.

Mahjong Pretty Manga Girls is one of thousands of games we have reviewed.

For some reason this review has been banned. Does Valve and Steam suddenly find anime and manga too riské?

We do not understand the logic about this as this site is an accredited publisher and we work hard to present fair and to the point journalistic excellence with every article posted.

So today we looked over the reviews to see if anyone actually found them helpful. After 2 found it helpful somebody banned our review. Perhaps we should post nudes which we know Steam does not like. The screenshot used in the game review is representative too.

Mahjong Pretty Manga Girls banned by steam

Given the screenshot to show exactly what is showing along with the link to the game review, there is nothing we can ascertain that is wrong.

We have cleared out wishlist as well, censorship is disgusting and we are now fearful of more problems given our success at Hardcore Games.


Steam has rescinded the ban and the review is now available. We edited the review after discovering a grammatical error and now the review is more correct. WordPress is powerful and it has options far beyond what Steam can provide.

Steam support uploading screenshots and we take advantage of this as a de facto content delivery network. This allows us the luxury of several screenshots for a review. This is extremely convenient as it reduces the local footprint of the site reducing hosting costs.