fav-icon-512-leftSteam is by far the largest game store. Their content delivery system is very large with mirrors in several locations to help spread the workload. Their system is similar to the Windows Update servers.

Given that Steam allows developers easily access to the market for games. This means developers are free to publish updates daily if needed.

We do not have Steam, Origin or uPlay etc launched with Windows primarily to speed up the boot process. When Steam is launched it can take a few hours to patch up games. Today in addition to the game updates are several new games to review. We often have Steam downloading for hours on end.

Steam will stop downloads when games are palyed, Origin need to fix that. Steam can also be set to download at night predicated on leaving the machine running. with the recent cpu problems, leaving a machine on 24/7 has been a bit costly.

Today Steam updated:

Likely may other games have been updated but our SSDs are far too small to hold all the games we have. Even with 10x larger SSD drives, the volume of games is overwhelming. Hard disks cans help with less frequently played games but they are also overwhelmed.

One idea is to use a RAID card and those very expensive 30TB SSD drives that Samsung is selling to corporate data centers. A bank of them would be helpful. hard disks reach 14TB but we expect larger capacity ones will surface eventually. Servers with 30 or 45 disk bays are useful for vast game collection but network latency is a problem.

With all the game store clients, we probably should look at 64GB and 16 logical cores to cope. This is why nobody is on load with Windows boot.