We have many old games. Unfortunately some games are not compatible with Windows 8 while others of the same period are. For this reason we suggesting dual boot.

We have another list of games with known issues from Windows 7.

Generally recent games should be OK with Windows 8. Older titles are the ones most at issue.

If you need backwards compatibility its possible to dual boot.  The old MBR allows for 4 primary partitions or the BIOS can be used to select the desired disk to boot. Our Corsair chassis can use 4 hard disks so using multiple drives is another option. The BIOS on modern machines can select the desired hard disk to be the primary.


Securom, Macromedia, Starforce, Tagès and other protection systems are being rejected by W10 for security reasons (KB3086255).  This will affect thousands of games. We have successfully moved many games into Steam or Origin. There is no indication that Sony will fix their SECDRV.SYS so that it works within the security model in Windows 8. Its still possible to dual boot

This list has been cleared as now with a fresh install of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and other updates have finally fixed the problems categorically.


This list is larger than we have noted with earlier versions of Windows.

All of our games are the CD/DVD version, except for Rage which is the sole game we have only the download version from Steam. Steam download versions of the games seem to be working so we believe the disk checks and DRM are at issue.


We have only a limited number of games using the Steam DRM. Downloaded versions of the games seems to be less problematic. Many games now on Steam originally shipped on CD/DVD and virtually all of our games are the original CD/DVD version.


Download the new Live client package first before installing any Games for Windows Live titles.

We have several Games for Windows Live titles.


Nexon is a Korean gaming operation that offers a few free to play titles. Unfortunately it seems that the whole lot are incompatible with 8. We are hopeful that the company is able to identify the problem and make updates available.


Older games that use the Star Force DRM are showing problems. We have investigated the issue and noted no support for old games on their web site. Today, we have not seen any new games using Star Force due to problems.


The Tages DRM does not work with Windows 7 or higher. Tages has an update. Both x86 and x64 are available.


We have now identified several titles that will not work with Windows 8 that otherwise work OK with Windows 7.

Most of the issues seem to be due to DRM schemes. There are dozens of them in use and it seems that they are at issue most of the time.

An idea is to try the XP SP3 compatibility mode. Sometimes that can get an older game to work.


Microsoft has indicated XP users and up can upgrade to 8 for $40 from release day through the end of January 2013 from We recommend buying the upgrade but of you are using a lot of older games you may want to hold off an until SP1 is released before trying it out. For this reason we suggesting dual boot using a larger hard disk as needed.