steam_icon_logo-svgMany of the games we have are no longer being offered on Steam.  We have several games in our library that no longer have a store page.

We are aware that several games removed as they were scams or otherwise unsuitable. Recently we discovered Steam has removed 150 titles that were fake and fraudulent titles.

While we own a vast number of games, this is due to an accumulation of games we have reviewed over the years. We get many games from developers as we review games galore.

Game reviews are difficult as it requires many hours of gameplay to be able to properly experience the game to be able to write a better editorial.

There are many reasons and we suspect that dismal sales may be the primary reason.  There occasionally is a legal dispute over the rights to the game,

Some games like Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light were replaced by their respective 64-bit Redux versions. Both of these games should have been originally published as 64-bit games which would have made them even more popular.

Some games change from commercial to free to play. Evolve Stage 2 is an example.

We get game keys from a wide number of sources, some of these games are already delisted so the keys are worthless. We review all games available as there is plenty of room in the database for them all.