globalfoundriesGlobal Foundries has make a press released accusing Intel’s 10nm (AKA Cannonlake) as a weak node. Intel is cleaning up the design of their 10nm processors after the CPU cache debacle. Intel may delay the launch until they are sure the new CPU is free from faults.

We are aware that Global Foundries and TSMC both have had problems with 14nm and 10nm yields. Improved steppers are needed to improve the production and other components are mature enough at present for 7nm production with 300mm wafers.

We expect that once 10nm matures the problems the industry is experiencing now will become nothing but growing pains.

Last year Intel tried to clarify what historically was the step down in feature size. Down at the smaller sizes it is increasingly difficult to work so Intel suggests considering gate size which is how big a given logic unit is. Logic designs have changed a lot with the advent of the tri-gate approach.

We are aware that Intel is readying Ice Lake, Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake devices for their 10nm lines. The expected Cannon Lake Y with its 4.5W TDP will likely be popular for mobile designs. Recent articles and slides on Intel’s sitehave been yanked suggesting Intel is redesigning the stepping to fix problems.