googleIn an effort to make the address look simpler, Google Chrome is now stripping off the www. and m. subdomains which is not a very wise move. It immediately will leave many vulnerable to  domain name spoofing and worse.

Chrome 69 which is now being rolled out is making an unsound change.

Our domain, has many CNAME records for various other services which are used in Azure and are transparent to users here.

Google needs to realize that subdomains are essential to the operation of the internet, it allows front end servers to select which subordinate servers to use. While some subdomains can be all run from a single server, content delivery networks are especially prone to using hundreds or even thousands of servers.

Routers and CDN systems may use deeply nested subdomains to be able to identify which server or router to send send resources. This is how the internet actually works. URL names need to be complete.

Now hiding them from a user in a browser may be fine for an unskilled user, we automatically redirect port 80 calls for to the canonical which is the proper URL. Both are secure with our certificate so there is no problem with the JavaScript redirect. WordPress properly supports the canonical domain format so its not at issue.