evga gtx 1060 acx 2.0 single fan

evga gtx 1060 acx 2.0 single fan

After some rant and raving over making false customs declarations UPS finally caved and forked over with the GTX 1060. We ran the battery down hard again today on our mobile phone trying to fix problems.

The GTX 1060 is a mid range gaming card and we chose it to play games at 1920×1080. We are in no rush to move to 4K primarily as panels are still very expensive and video cards are still a tad underpowered.

To test the card for stability we started with the free to play Alien Swarm Reactive Drop with some friends and we completed the main campaign in excellent time. The game has easy system requirements but we wanted to be sure the graphics held up with a twitch shooter.

Furmark is thermally stable at 91°C. The old card failed and thermally throttled. After 10 minutes of burn-in with Furmark we consider this card stable for gaming with the most demanding games cranked up.

Even the RTX 2080 Ti cannot play games at 3820×2160 at 60fps across the board. Many games have to be reduced in settings. So considering that the RTX 2080 Ti at MSRP of $1200 is not adequate and SLI is an even more expensive option, we do not have nearly enough funds.

Here we focus on mainstream gaming which is why we are the most popular gaming site around. Many users here only have a GT 710 and a smaller number have the GT 1030. So few have high-end cards.

The GTX 1060 is the most common card on Steam at present and this represents the mainstream as we see it. Many games can be played on the GTX 1060 with high settings so the image quality is excellent.

The GTX 1060 is also powerful enough to allow games to be recorded to disk. The problem is that Youtube has cut the earnings potential down so badly that we have abandoned it. So now we focus on Twitter and that is all we use now.


We are still waiting on some parts to finish the new tower. We have most of the hardware but we are awaiting some DDR4 memory leaving the chassis as the last piece of the box to procure.

Later on after we finish the build, we intend to expand the RAM to at least 16GB so that games will be well supported. We are considering the maximum 64GB mostly to be able to play any demanding game published.

We usually use a DVD drive to import music into iTunes. For that reason we select chassis with a bay for a DVD/BD drive for that purpose. Optical drives are not expensive.