fav-icon-512-leftWe are roughly 1/2 way through converting the old content into WordPress. Most of the old DOS games are consolidated into large text files from a BBS echo mail dump.

Some content was pasted into Front Page verbatim. Over time we selected games that were published on Steam using DOSBOX for the most part. The text vary a lot but they are still useful to help with a review.

We have also posted many full reviews of games going back to the dawn of the PC. The old cabinet games are also reviewed. The old manual board games are now a relic from a bygone era.

There are at least 2-3000 games for MS-DOS alone, then there are now tens of thousands on Steam.  Steam has exploded with vast numbers of independent developers and publishers.

MS-DOS is relatively easy to learn and develop for. Windows made it much harder for a long time. Only in recent years has easy to use tools become available which allows a modestly skilled person to publish games.

The Unity engine has become as popular platform but its al-la-cart pricing is not very attractive.

Steam offers Blender which is free and it can make maps with some work involved. Unfortunately not many books are available for Blender.

We review a lot of free to play games as this provides some content for the site to keep it refreshed. Most of the action here comes from Google. This is mainly due to the site using US English as the baseline language.

Google has focused traffic in different ways on the site and its impossible to determine what is in vogue. Windows 8 when it launched is still the spike in traffic that dominates the traffic on the site to this day. More than 30,000 page views in 24 hours.

After 4 years we have managed to slough through a lot of games. With so many games on Steam however, even a large team would be hard pressed to review them all.