halo infiniteHalo Infinite is the latest instalment in the popular Halo series. This time around the game will be available for the PC and Xbox One with the universal windows application API.

It’s been three years since Halo 5 was released. We were very happy when Microsoft Games demonstrated the new release at E3.

The game is developed by 343 Industries and created with their new Slipspace Engine.

The 343 team has built this purposefully to take Halo in a whole new direction. It’s a story that centers on Master Chief.

I think you saw visually some of the capabilities of the engine with the teaser video. We noticed the game has far more realism typical of a modern AAA action game. This level of detail means Halo fans can expect to see a far better release  as this new engine has features not previously seen.

We know this is not a reboot, but it is also not a numbered release either. Instead the game as a new story that is sure to create some excitement in a game that has stagnated with the sagging Xbox. By making the game available to PC players will mitigate the lackluster console market.

The infinite name suggests a more open world style game, the artwork shown is some dusty wasteland which is typical of some apocalyptical action games,

System requirements will be 7th generation for 1920×1080 and 8th generation for 3820×2160 gaming.

Halo game box in front of a scenic landscape featuring ancient decrepit rings