Intel_logoIntel after back orders for the H310 chipset has introduced a new H31C to replace it. Meanwhile the Z390 was originally expected to be taped out  at 14nm, but due to the yield Intel is using  22nm.  Intel is still taping out 200 series chipsets. 7th generation Kaby Lake processors need a 200 series chipset based motherboard.

Intel has continued to have issues keeping up with demand at 14nm which is why they have had to reallocate several lines to try to get ahead of the problem.

The H310C is aimed at the lower end of the market which has seen a lot of pent up demand. Intel is supporting Windows 7 with the H310C. Machines with a Celeron and Pentium processor are sold mostly in less developed markets.

Intels partners sell more H310C motherboards than any other chipset. This is due to the lower price point and Intel has been attempting to take market share from AMD with sub $80 µATX motherboards. Low cost ATX motherboards are also available for under $100.

 Intel BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron Desktop ProcessorsThe low cost segment of the market typically has users installing low cost motherboards into existing chassis. Often lost cost power supplies have limited 12V capacity which is an issue for modern systems which depend on it for the regulators.

The Intel Celeron is a low power CPU which makes it easy to use with lower capacity power supplies.  The BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron costs $61.90 (or less) and it comes with a fan included. The Celeron comes with intel 610 graphics included. The 7th gen Celeron uses DDR4 memory which is standard with the H310C motherboards.

Demand for Windows 7 compatibility is surprising as Windows 10 is actually extremely good for gaming. As of today, windows 7 has only got about 14 months left before extended support lapses. After that, it will join Windows XP and Windows Vista as an unsupported operating system.

Steam publishers have DOSbox available for supporting antique titles and recently we tested Starcraft which is a DX5 title and it works with fine with Windows 10.