optane ssd 900pThe Intel SSD 900P 280GB AIC is a NVMe  PCI Express 3.0 x8 card for desktop computers.

The Intel Optane technology was announced 2 years ago and now Intel has finally stared delivering the hardware.

The problem with the PCI Express card is the bus speed is inadequate to handle the extreme bandwidth. The Optane cells are capable of more.

The durability of the Optane cells is also higher than SSD products which means they can have a much higher service life. Optane is expected to have 10x more durability.

NAND SSDs rely on TRIM and GC (Garbage Collection) to maintain high performance, 3D XPoint SSDs do not. This means as the 900P fills there is no speed degradation.

While the 900P is PCI Express, we expect to see slots similar to memory down the road where more bandwidth is available similar to the interface used by DDR4. This would require a major redesign of the processor to handle both DDR4 and Optane memory chips.


This 900P needs a NVMe system with an available PCI Express 3.0 x8 slot. Modern enthusiast ATX motherboards can use one of these for Windows if desired.

The 900P SSD drives deliver insane boot up times for Windows. There is enough room for several games which will load even faster then even the fastest NAND SSD.