Intel_logoAfter the fiasco of the 740 GPU several years ago, Intel is looking to get into the discrete GPU business. Their press release said their first product will be available in 2020.

Intel hired former AMD and Apple GPU boss Raja Koduri in 2017 and he has helped Intel improve the integrated hardware considerably. Now Intel wants to move ahead.

We welcome this move as it will hopefully provide some much needed competition in the discrete GPU market. Many more expensive laptops offer a GPU as the integrated graphics are so limited for gaming etc.

Intel has likely figured out enough with their integrated graphics to make a reasonable device but AMD and NVIDIA have both got the market dominated. Still Intel has enough resources to make this work

If Intel placed say 128 of the execution units seen with Sandy Bridge on a discrete device, it would be a powerful option beside a CPU for gaming. This would likely be a 75W device on the 10nm node.