konami_logo_normalKonami has removed the in-game purchases from Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 in Belgium after the nation ruled it was gambling.

Last month EA had to do the same for FIFA 19. It appears that the EA case influenced the Belgian Gaming Commission to move more quickly with the Konami release.

Eventually we are expecting more regulations over the industry as gambling is a regulated activity in most countries. So far however games have not garnered much attention.

The game Rage had some gaming that did not cost anything which is more of a part of the game’s story. The game has one DLC component which is a small part of the overall game. Some publishers use DLC to expand on an original game over a period of some years as was done with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

We posted an article over the problem of loot-boxes and in-game purchases which have run into problems. It seems publishers are slow to learn and are continuing to find themselves in legal problems.

Some publishers have excessive DLC which takes away from the core of the games. Rise of the Tomb Raider bundled the core game, expansions and called it the 20th anniversary edition.

We realize games are expensive to develop but the cost can be recovered by selling the game. Low prices tend to sell more copies of the game.

Konami is a large Japanese conglomerate who has turned away from AAA games in favor of mobile games. Konami is well known for mobile games in Japan. Konami also publishes games for the Nintendo switch.