Lenovo T500We upgraded our old Lenovo T500 with 10 version 1809 and we noticed the machine was performing slower than usual.

We rebooted the machine and this did not solve the problem. We then installed some software from Avid which is used for professional compositing and sound editing.

After rebooting Windows finally started checking the disk, evidently 1809 managed to aggravate or possibly cause an error with the primary storage. Rebooting the machine causes it to crash. Even the safe mode crashes.

We use Bitlocker with the T500 so we had to decrypt the disk before attempting to repair Windows.  We have a USB cable for SATA disks so this allowed the use of an alternate machine to decrypt the disk. If you try recovery with an encrypted disk you will quickly realize why it is important to decrypt it first. Nobody wants to manually enter the keys over and over.

Once the disk is decrypted its possible to attempt to repair the operating system, or it may be possible to reset Windows if it is to badly damaged. Reset is brutal as all of the programs need to be installed fresh,  Alternatively the decrypted disk can be recovered and the data moved. A server or USB disk can handle recovered data as needed.


We tried booting a USB stick with Windows 10 on it and chose the custom options. This is supposed to make a new folder called windows.old and create a new install of Windows with the rest of the system intact. The machine with its hard disk takes an inordinate amount of time stuck at “Getting ready” after it reboots. All of  the user files including programs are all stored in windows.old where files can be copied back where they belong.

The machine probably would run far faster with a SSD but the cost is more than we can afford. This machine is old but the LCD is still better than most cheap machines in the market today. We have considered using a smaller mSATA SSD and larger hard disk could be used for data only.


We ended up installing a new larger 2TB hard disk. This T500 has been upgraded with a better WiFi card which makes it more practical for a variety of purposes.

We have a USB 3.0 ExpressCard that works with the T500 and we have a USB 3.0 cable for SATA devices. This makes it easy to copy files fast.


The machine is still not very stable with Windows 10 version 1809 which suggests that Microsoft did not adequately test the OS on machines like ours enough.