Microsoft has stabbed Live Mail 2012  users in the back. Live Mail 2012 comes as part of the Live Essentials 2012 package for Windows 7 users. Microsoft dumped Live Mail in favor of using other solutions. Part of the problem is that Microsoft has put all of its resources into the Outlook project at the expense of legacy users.

Windows XP and windows Vista users have to use Live Essentials 2011. Live Essentials 2012 requires Windows 7.

We use several mailing lists and dedicated email accounts. Microsoft Office Outlook does not offer an unread mail folder like Live Mail. This is a major step backwards in our opinion.

We also long ago used folder and the portal also does not have unread mail. We established sorting rules to organize messages. This is now broken and all such rules will need to be removed so that Office Outlook will be able to show unread mail.

So here we are with hundreds of hours wasted cleaning up so that it will work with a different platform.

Microsoft wants to sell more Office licenses, Live Essentials was free.


Microsoft has accepted some responsibility for the problem and the Fall Creators Edition of Windows 10 has a new inbox app which only makes things worse.

the problem is that laptops and desktops are not widely touch screen. Microsoft is caught in the middle.