headerLoadout was released January 31, 2014 by Edge of Reality. The game was developed by Edge of Reality.  Loadout is a conventional third person shooter action game.

Loadout is a rather outrageous throwback to the classic first person shooter genre of old. Its all about the guns, baby! Build a massive variety of absolutely insane weaponry – billions of combinations – totally customized, totally unique, and totally deadly.

Loadout uses a third person perspective which is seen more in consoles than PC games.

The old Quake 3 Arena is the best comparison to this game. This makes the game more or less an arena shooter. The focus is on mobility and lots of gore.

Sticking with a weapon improves it over time. As you take your chosen weapon into battle, experience points are gained for each particular part that makes up the gun–for example, the selected gun sight, barrel, trigger, and ammo type.

Finishing a match awards you with experience points and in-game currency called blutes, which are exchanged for new weapon parts and upgrades. Loadout is a free-to-play game, which means real-world money is involved somewhere. Luckily, the game doesn’t charge for weapon parts or upgrades, but it does charge for vanity items like clothing and taunts. There are plenty of items to buy, including masks, glasses, hats, shirts, bling, and much more.

Despite its colorful design, Loadout is extraordinarily violent. Bullets rip through flesh, amputating limbs and pounding gaping holes into torsos where bones and internal organs are clearly visible. Fire scorches flesh black. The level of realism is high enough to give the game a mature rating.

The maps in Loadout are not particularly well designed. There are no unique landmarks to provide a reference point.

Playing Jackhammer on Shattered is OK: your team spawns on one end, while the enemy is on the far opposite end.

Death Snatch, where you are dropped on the enormous map, which covered in high ridges and large obstacles, finding your way around is a real hassle.

Lots of updates have been released in the months since release date to deal with various problems and three months on with update 3 the game is now comparatively stable.