magnesiaMagnesia was released in January 7, 2019 by Toruku Games who also developed it. Magnesia is a simulation game.

In Magnesia, the character you play can use his hands to make a magnet positive or negative. He can do this by shooting his hands towards the magnet he wants to change. This way the magnet can attract or repel certain objects. This mechanism has to be used in a particular way so that the player can advance in the game.

Gameplay is simple but yet its good at the same time. New players may find it hard to get going but once you get it figured out its OK. You spawn in a room with particles going in the direction of the wall in front of the player. As you move towards it you may become disoriented due to the game’s physics.

The game was made by students and while short, it’s still enjoyable. The game has a good simplistic art style and feels nice to play.

At present there are 2 levels but more are promised with a game update soon.


Operating System Windows 10 or better
CPU Core i3-5005U or better
Memory 8 GB or more
Hard Drive Space 11 GB
Graphics Hardware DX12 graphics
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required