MAXTOR 7540AVThe Maxtor 7540AV is a large capacity 540MB hard disk. The 7540AV is slightly larger than DOS  could manage with on 8088 or 80286 based machines. Maxtor also had larger SCSI disks up to 1.2GB but they were very expensive and DOS limitations reduced their appeal. This disk was $550 new in Q1 1994.

  • 540MB
  • 528,482,304 formatted bytes available
  • IDE
  • 3600 rpm
  • 32kB cache
  • 14ms seek

The Maxtor 7540AV could reach 4MB/s which was fast enough to load DOS program almost immediately. The rated error rate is 1013 which was typical for disks in the early 1990s. MTBF is 300,000 hours.

The disk was cooler on operation than expected, it averaged about 35°C.

We used this disk for several years. DOS and Windows 3.11 were installed in it originally and this disk ran both well. The extreme capacity of the 7540AV at the top of the range meant every program could be installed an lots of room left over. In 1994 most were still using 100 and 200MB hard disks.

Windows 95 was able to use the full capacity of the disk as it supported the LBA sector translation which available in the newer Pentium-75 and AMD K6 machines. The large capacity meant this disk was practical for a long time.