METRO 2035

Metro 2035 book front coverWe noticed a Russian language web site suggesting a sequel to Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are in the works.

Dmitry Glukhovsky’s new novel will be the basis for the campaign. The novel can be ordered here.

The Russian language web site suggested the game would be ready later on in 2017 or maybe 2018. Deep Silver has the rights to develop the game. Given the time-frame for Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light and the subsequent 64-bit redux versions suggest 2018 is more likely.

Deep Silver has nothing on their website.

One year has passed since protagonist Artyom willingly left the Ranger Order, marrying Anna even though his CO (and now father in law) Miller was opposed to the idea.

He ends up discovering a radio signal and treks to an old radio tower to attempt to discover if anyone else has survived.

Some new characters will provide some NPC for the game developers.

Pripyat seems as good of a spot as any