Paint_3D_iconUsers of Paint 3D may have noticed an issue with the which has some ready to use 3D objects. Its not known if this is temporary or if Microsoft is planning to change the URL or maybe move it to the store.

The website has lots of 3D models in a format that can be opened in Paint 3D. paint 3D can also work with other 3D packages largely through the clipboard.

We use Paint 3D mostly for cropping images which is a strength of this app. It has the ability to carefully crop screenshots to exactly select any dialog etc.

Remix3D is part of the app and it seems that Remix is unavailable. A quick check with Google found a few other users who noticed this too. For now use the website directly to obtain 3D models.

We will update this issue as we use Paint 3D extensively. Now if it could handle flip and rotate as good as the old paint…..