Intel_logoNo surprise that 8 additional Spectre class problems with Intel and ARM processors are discovered. AMD is still looking into the problems but they also have a few bugs to iron out.

Intel has been quiet over the disclosure first seen in the German magazine Hesse.

Each of the eight vulnerabilities has its own number in the Common Vulnerability Enumerator (CVE) directory and each requires its own patches.

We are aware Intel is working on the problem with Microsoft and Linux to fix the problems. Other ARM users such as Apple are also looking to see if patches are needed.

We are also aware that Google has a team that works in checking processors for problems and they have ben able to identify several faults over the past few years.

So far the patches have had an impact on CPU performance and this seems to be more headaches for users who have bought machines in good faith that they were not at fault.

Over the last few decades processor designs have been focused on performance. Security has only recently started to matter. First steps with data execution prevention have given way to problems with the cache itself and the design of the CPU execution pipeline.