gigabyte gtx 750 2g oc

gigabyte gtx 750 2g oc

Over the holidays we are downloading a large number of games for review. We constantly need more hard disks to handle the vast number of games. Low cost 2TB hard disks are fine for the system disk but vast game libraries need larger capacity secondary disks.


Many games are now over 35GB which can overwhelm a SSD quickly. The trend for larger game storage requirements is a growing issue. Battlefield 1 is something like 85GB which makes it currently the largest game we play. Destiny 2 is close at 80GB.


We have a large number of perpendicular recorded class disks at present and we have been migrating data from older lower capacity disks to larger ones as the game library grows.

At present for desktop use, 4TB disks are the best value in perms of $ per GB. We are considering several of these disks in 2019 as we replace old data disks and update other machines. We still use 2TB disks for boot volumes with some older machines. Data disks can be larger in capacity. More recent UEFI machines can boot larger capacity disks.

Some of the old disks have accumulated over 40,000 power on hours which is more than most put into them. We have several machines on our LAN so we use old disks for backups. The dock we have for hard disks is one of the more useful tools. We also have several USB SATA cables to be able to use old laptop hard disks for backups.


We are also considering a new machine or two next year as we can use more platforms for game testing. Chassis are low cost but higher capacity efficient power supplies are expensive. Motherboards are inexpensive but good processors can be very expensive.

AMD and Intel compete at the low end of the CPU market where integrated graphics are now competing for consumers. Our video cards are dramatically more capable than integrated graphics for gaming.


Most expensive are the gaming grade graphics cards. Cards like the GTX 750 sell for around $140-$170 depending on the memory capacity and if the logic is overclocked. We are considering a GTX 1060 which is available with a short single fan cooler which can fit the smaller µATX chassis. There are also short GTX 1070 cards which are more expensive.


The recent downturn in the stock market does not bode well for consumer sentiment. We are hopeful that income will be adequate for maintaining the game storage required.