headerNational Zombies Park was released on December 15, 2014 by Paper Games who also developed the game. National Zombies Park is an isometric shooter.

This game reminds us of the the popular Alien Swarm which is also isomeric but an angle. National Zombies Park is more wide angle to show shadows etc.

National Zombies Park is procedurally generated to make it less redundant. The game also features weather and day/night cycles. The level of difficulty also continually increases with continued play.

The game offers several weapons to fight the zombies with. Night vision and flashlights are handy. Players have to swap weapons similar to the way Alien Swarm works,

National Zombie Park is a survival-roguelike game with procedurally generated world filled with zombies. Any second can become your last in this dangerous area. You always have to think twice before making another shot – bullets are extremely hard to find and the bang noises can attract even more zombies.

Gameplay is often running backwards as many of the zombies are hard to kill.

The game needs some work on it.. It appears that it has been abandoned.