fav-icon-512-leftAmazon has new native ads for specific products. The work well with the new ad rotator so we have dumped the old native ads in favor of a more sophisticated selection of products. We simply took ASIN numbers and created new style ads. We also cleaned up out of stock items so that at least any advertised item is available.

The contextual ads by Amazon need to have a much more sophisticated search engine to be able to look closer at the content. Most simply are content spying on the user. This is why the click through rates can be so low.

We still have some display ads in the lower rotator. We had to remove several as Google was blocking pages because of problems. Eventually we will move these ads to the new rotator which has more capability for time limited campaigns etc.

The footer ad seems to be working fine so it will continue for now. It is a native class ad so it blends into the theme nicely. Curious, the click through rate for the footer ads are 10-20x that any Amazon had we have tried.

We have also placed a donate button, mostly for those who do not want to buy anything but are willing to help defray the costs of operating the site.


WP is being updated to support more video objects which will allow more content rich sites to be assembled.


We uploaded a few videos for classic games while updating the reviews. The goal is to eventually have video clips for more games as time goes by.