We have installed a new certificate for the site as the old one was nearly expired.

The canonical is the primary URL base for the site, those who use the non-www version are automatically redirected.

The certificate is good for 90 days which will keep Google off our back for a while.

We are looking at using our Linux VM to mechanize some of the task. At present we are handling it manually.  Right now it is not hard to use, we paste a bunch of text files together and use openssl to make a file that Azure likes, download it, and upload it via the portal. Then we can deploy it. Takes about 10-15 minutes most of the time waiting on DNS propagation.

DNS servers long ago adopted SSD for their operation and most now use vast amounts of RAM to be sure their responsiveness is fast. Links between DNS servers is fast so that changes are updated quickly.

A domain like can take as much as 10-15 minutes to become fully propagated. CNAME and TXT records are quick as the TLD is already known so the records propagate much faster and can be resolved in 90 seconds or so.

We are also considering operating our own CA mostly so that we can mechanize certificates for a portfolio of sites automatically.