We have modified the site look considerably. The new Graphene theme is much more adaptive to widely disparate users. The growth in mobile gaming has been the biggest motivator so far.

The goal is to make the site look good on anything from a older phone to a 4K panel. This means we are no longer using a traditional boxed design. Instead the screen width governs how the site looks and uses a ratio of panel sizes for the sidebar etc. Screen dimensions are very widely disparate so using some JavaScript to calculate the layout makes the most sense.

We hope you like the new layout, it’s cleaner and its more to your liking.


One of the changes we are implementing over time is the use of multiple columns for list of games etc. This makes the post shorter and makes it easier to find the game of interest.


We have also removed all display ads and now only are using adaptive native ads. Adaptive ads can change with the users display size which varies considerably.

The adaptive design of the theme works best with native ads that can change with the container size.  The existing ads on the site are very flexible which makes them suitable, the performance of them is another matter outside the idea of the new theme architecture.


We have also installed social sharing at the bottom of each article for Facebook and Twitter. Social media seems to be popular with many who love to play games.