newegg-logo-vectorWe have an RMA festering away at NewEgg and they have had the card in their hands now for 7 days. We sent the defective RX 470 back on January 14, 2019.

Today the finally emailed us that they have processed the return and they have approved the refund request. Their message said 3-5 business days.

At least now funds for memory for the motherboard we purchased will now be available.


We had to RMA our 128GB Transcend USB stick and also has been festering now since January 14, 2019 when they acknowledged receipt and suggested it may take 10 business days to process. Transcend sent the replacement on January 15, 2019 via USPS so it should be through customs and out for delivery soon.


We did get the PSU we ordered but the system did not show it was shipped suggesting some server sync issues. We are not sure but once the tracking number was known we set an alert on it and today we were notified it was out for delivery.

The Corsair AX860i power supply works fine and we installed in the old Acer E700 machine which needed a better PSU. The old PSU was only rated 80 plus white. The power saved for the same hardware is significant.

We are considering more power supplies as 80 PLUS platinum is very desirable. The power savings alone have net positive cash value. Every watt saved is about $1 per year for 24/7 operation.


We bought a better motherboard for the Acer E700. The OEM motherboard uses DDR2 which sharply limits the maximum memory.

The replacement Asus P5QL-M uses DDR3 and it also has 6 SATA ports to support vast amounts of storage. The more recent G43 chipset has other advantages. The slots on the P5QL-M allow the PCI Express x1 slot to be used with a graphics card installed. The vendor is in China so shipping may take 30 days.

The Intel G43 can support DDR2 or DDR3 depending on the motherboard design. Intel also has the G45 but we were not able to find a suitable µATX motherboard. The G43 is adequate for our requirements. Taobao shows the motherboard can recognize 16GB of memory. The motherboard was removed from a desktop. Other DDR2 versions all have the Core 2 Quad Q6600 recognized from the oldest BIOS which means no worries with it.