Nvidia-logoWe have noticed a few speculative news pieces floating around that NVIDIA may use Ampere instead of Volta given the rapid move in semiconductor foundries at 10nm is quickly moving towards 7nm.

Volta has been seen in data centers which suggests this may find its way into consumers hands later this year. There is also some rumor that NVIDIA may introduce Turing as a possible successor technology. The last road-map slide stopped with Volta.

As we reported earlier, Global Foundries which makes devices for AMD is ramping up 7nm rapidly. We expect 7mn will launch later this year or into 2019 depending on yields.

If GPU designs work as well as expected at 7nm, then its possible that single cards can be made with enough shaders to handle 3820×2160 with a 100W video card.

NVIDIA is also looking the block the digital coin miners at the hardware level so that the supply of video cards will return to more reasonable levels. Gaming has been hijacked by digital coins and NVIDIA has been criticized by gamers many times. We support blocking digital coins due to the growing amount of malware that attempts to hijack a gamers GPU.

NVIDIA presently has a market value almost 10x more than AMD however AMD is likely to  respond with new cards of their own in short order. AMD has made more gains in the CPU market while they refresh their Vega GPU line.

Most speculate Ampere will be made on 12nm and news may be seen at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in late March. We will post more news as it becomes available.