Nvidia-logoThe nVidia GPU Technology Conference next week has media speculating over what will be on the agenda. The nVidia Ampere architecture is expected to discussed as the TSMC 7nm line ramps up.

At present there is nothing on Ampere for the media to consider. This is why the speculation is focused.

TSMC has indicated their 7nm line is not operating at full capacity leading to more speculation. Globalfoundries is probably going to be making chipsets which can be made at 12nm easily.

Recall that Intel is coming to the market with a discrete GPU and this will pressure nVidia more than AMD. AMD has their successful Ryzen lineup of processors that are carving out a big chunk of Intel’s desktop market.

AMD needs to work on GPU efficiency which is presently inferior to nVidia. The Intel GPU will need to be efficient as well to be able to compete.