Origin LogoWe have 50 games in Origin at present and we clicked to download all of them to a secondary disk with enough room to hold them all. That caused errors galore after a few games wen through the cycle of EULA and install options etc.

Most of the errors seem to be with the installation process. Not sure why a game needs to be installed as a ready to run image is all that is needed along with DX9 etc.

Not sure what caused the problem. We had to restart Origin. The installation problems continued with many games.

With 50 games including all of the Battlefield games. This is a lot of data to download so we are expecting that it may be weeks before the games are all ready to play. Our Origin game collection is close to the Steam game collection in storage required.

Downloaded games are more cost effective and the savings have been passed along to consumers with catalog prices that are heavily discounted. Many enthusiasts have accumulated several games. Here at Hardcore Games we play them a lot over the course of any given month.

We moved a lot of old disk games to the Origin client as EA has long been a publisher many developers. We also have noticed that some developers are listed games on Steam as well as with Origin.

We have a large library of games which we prefer to have available mostly as well play all manor of games. We play Left 4 Dead 2 so much we keep the game on the SSD to load it faster.

EA has added some features like moving games and repairing them which is needed considering the mess that many machines end up with.


The game will not launch from the Origin client. The 64-bit version does not work with the mouse so the game needs to be updated.


The game will not launch from the Origin client. You can run the 64-bit version through explorer from the game folder. Origin needs to fix that problem.