fav-icon-512-leftThe latest effort for the site is now being tested. The site has a lot of static content so the idea is to cache parts as static HTML so that page load times are faster and CPU load on the web server is better.

The goal is to have a site that is in the 90th percentile for page load times. At the same time in the 90th percentile for being the leanest site on the server.

PHP7 is easier on servers and this site has been modernized and it now is fully compatible with version 7.2 which is the version in current use.

Some websites get 200 page views a month, here we see that every hour. So clearly a lot more work is needed to make this site as responsive as possible.

DNS prefetch makes it possible for a browser to see the domains it needs to resolve. The prefetch makes it faster to gather components which makes site load much faster. This site has a lot of components so the prefetch makes sense.

JavaScript async makes it possible for the browser to load them asynchronously along with the rest of the pieces which again makes the site load faster. Threaded downloads are far faster than a single stream.

Now that the site is getting some traction it time to play some more Dirt 3.

We want to made the site as easy to use as possible, we hope we have met our users expectations. One change we made is to show 15 articles per page instead of the default 10. Most users have a wheel mouse so this should be a problem, the same applies for a swipe on a touch screen.