denuvo logoDenuvo has been a real bane for PC gaming. We realize a lot of unlicensed copying is present but Denuvo is not the solution.

We have a GTX 750 which works very hard to play modern games. Generally games with Denuvo are unplayable, games with Denuvo removed are playable. Devovo games have driven up the costs for PC gaming to insane levels.

We know that Denuvo can add as much as 40% overhead to a given game. Some publishers have removed Denovo realizing that for many it was a barrier to buying a game.

Video cards are very expensive and when games are not playable, we look into the issue. Especially when more than a few try to play games on the lowly GT 710. By comparison out GTX 750 is more than 4 times the performance. Our GTX 660 Ti is about 2-3 times more powerful than the GTX 750.


Given this incontrovertible evidence, Denuvo should buy us a large box of new hardware to review games on.