PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsThe popular PUBG battle royale game has attracted an untoward number of cheaters who are all trying to win the $2 million prize.

There are some 24 million copies of the game sold making it a popular target. We have read where some 13 million accounts have been permanently banned over the last year or so. Even several professional players have been caught cheating recently.

Teams with banned members are often caught up in the sweeps. Most are left scrambling to fill the void.

This is no suprisise that cheaters are trying to get an edge. Many games have been trashed due to widespread cheating.

PUBG will now launch “comprehensive background check on all their accounts” before players can enter future competitions. They have also rolled out new versions of detection code to protect legitimate players who are innocent.

Valve has spent a lot of time on their cheating solutions. They also ban cheaters permanently.