headerPuzzle Agent was released on June 30, 2010 by Telltale Games who also developed the game. Puzzle Agent is an adventure and puzzle game.

What do you get when you combine the adventure and puzzle gameplay of Professor Layton with a surreal world heavily inspired by Twin Peaks?

The game structure resembles a linear adventure game – the player doesn’t have an inventory, but can traverse into dialog trees with other characters. Some items or choices of dialog result in puzzles to be solved, although in some cases the puzzle has no consequence in the game’s progress.

The puzzles are a refreshing idea for entertainment.  The types of puzzles vary from jigsaw through mathematics to logic puzzles.

The game begins as Agent Nelson Tethers, the sole member of the Puzzle Research Division of the FBI, is given his first field assignment.


  • Plentiful puzzles to challenge your neurons. See if you can find every puzzle to solve the mystery of Scoggins — mazes, logic, riddles, brainteasers and more.
  • Investigate the strange, peculiar and mind-boggling to crack the case! Your discoveries provide clues to the larger mystery crippling the town, or uncover puzzles that must be solved to reveal answers … or even more questions.
  • Hunting for Hints: Chewing gum helps Agent Tethers think and solve. Find and collect gum wads around the town to uncover hints if you get “stuck” in any puzzles.


This game uses DX8 and needs a 64MB video card or better.