windows 8Open up setting, then backup then Click on More Options screen and there is a link to restore a previous backup at the bottom of the window. Windows 8 and above can also restore backups from Windows 7.

Before restoring your files, make sure all updates for Windows are installed first. Also make sure all drivers are installed as well. 

With a new machine or a new/clean hard disk. Do not enable file history until you have completely restored your files. Once you have restored you backup completely you can then enable File History but you should use a new backup disk so that if something happens you still have a previous backup to turn to.

Its advisable to use 2 or more backup disks. This way if there are problems a second chance is available.


Once you have been using File History for some time, the restore will have numerous incremental backups. Unfortunately this means for somebody with a new machine or hard disk has some work ahead of them.

By default File History makes hourly backups. This means over a 2 week period there can be 50 or more backups. One way to reduce the number of incremental backups is to change the default settings from 1 hour to 1 day.


Starting with the first backup, this should be restored first. Then each successive incremental backup needs to be restored  in sequence. Microsoft has not yet mechanized the restore for a new machine.

The first backup will be the largest by far. Each incremental backup only contains the changed files which will restore much more quickly.