AMD Ryzen 5_lHere at Hardcore Games we have been using an old box for games for a long time. Occasionally a hardware refresh can do wonders for gaming.

Our Corsair Carbide 300R chassis is well suited for a retrofit, the old faithful TX850V2 has never let us down once.  The old AM3 motherboard has seen better days.

The AMD AM4 platform provides a single socket for a wide range of processors.

The X370 motherboards are rather expensive so not many are sold. We have been looking at the B350 boards which are intended for single video card use.

B350 boards support DDR4 speeds up to the Ryzen maximum of DDR4-2667. We suggest using DDR4-2133 and pocket the savings.

The old MSi 970A-G43  board demonstrated it was ready to go day in and day out.  For that reason we have looked more closely at MSI boards which are very affordable.

MSI A320M bazooka motherboardThe MSI A320M Bazooka board is low cost and it actually is not such a bad choice for a tight squeeze budget. With 3 fan headers, it caught out attention that this board means business. The 4 memory slots are helpful for installing additional RAM.

So the Ryzen 5 processors are more affordable and we like the Ryzen 5 1600 which has 6 cores and 12 threads. With 65W of TDP power this CPU is 1/2 the TDP of the old Phenom II 965 Black Edition we used for 7 years and it offers more cores and threads.

DDR4 prices have eased enough that installing 16GB of memory is not a bad move considering how demanding games have become.

The old EVGA GTX 660 Ti has been a stalwart for gaming. The time has come however to look for a new card to take its place.

The $200 GTX 1060 3GB proves some improvement in gaming, however the $400 GTX 1070 8GB which is more expensive can deliver a material uptick. We have seen lots of GTX 980 Ti cards at lower prices which are an another option.

  • motherboard
  • CPU
  • DDR4-2133

the motherboard is $100, the CPU is $200, the RAM is $150, all that and more for a video card.