ricoRICO was released on March 14, 2019 by Thunderful and Rising Star. The game was developed by Ground Shatter. RICO is a first person shooter.

Ground Shatter is a four-person, games development studio, based in the Bristol Games Hub

RICO is a first-person, buddy cop shooter inspired by modern action cinema. In the game, you and a friend play as a pair of loose-cannon police partners, given twenty-four hours to crack a case as part of an elite RICO (organized crime) taskforce.

Core gameplay is simple; kick doors, shoot bad-guys, and make use of the element of surprise to gain an upper-hand against overwhelming odds. Partner up with a friend to take down syndicates in a classic buddy-cop style. Mark targets and locations for coordinated breaches. Or play classic couch co-op in offline split-screen with full controller support.

Game offers some practice rounds before entering the multiplayer maps. This helps with the gameplay which is a little bit simplified compared to many shooters.


  • Take down criminal gangs with extreme prejudice and solve the RICO case – you’ve only got 24 hours, detective!
  • Procedurally-generated cases mean no two games are ever the same – you’ll never know what’s waiting for you.
  • Crack cases with a friend, either online or locally, for co-op carnage. Two loose cannons are always better than one!
  • Daily Play cases – with leaderboards and rewards – keep you coming back for more, along with unlockable weapons, traits and mission types to discover.

The action is fast in this game so keep on your toes. The PC version has better graphics options than the consoles.


Operating System Windows 7 x64 or better
CPU Core i5-4590 or better
Memory 4 GB or more
Hard Drive Space 8 GB
Graphics Hardware GeForce GTX 760 or better
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required