Sapphire VCX 11256-28-21GAfter NewEgg fixed the pricing we bought one of the Sapphire Sapphire VCX 11256-28-21G RX 470 cards which will we hope will deliver super strong gaming. At $99 a new in a box card is a real bargain to improve gaming here at Hardcore Games especially as the card launched at $399.

With the collapse in digital coin prices we are taking full advantage of the deep discounts. Digital coins hogged video cards for quite a while but now with the collapse cards are flooding the market with a vengeance. We have been sitting on the sidelines and like any self righteous vulture we swooped in on the bargain.

The card is from the Sapphire Nitro series cards with dual fans which should do wonders for thermal management. The dual fan is effective with higher power cards as it can manage with a lot larger TDP than most blower fans can cope with while reducing noise. Sapphire’s fans can be easily remove for cleaning which is a real bonus for long term use.

We spent $139 Canadian and paid 12% taxes to total $156.79 which is a fair price for a card that has such high performance. AMD reduced prices some of the Polaris cards. With the collapse of digital coins the price of cards has fallen considerably which favors the gaming community who can now get a high-end card for less than a mediocre card.

The card  as pictured has one DVI-D port on it suggesting it was not intended for gaming but HDMI adapters are very inexpensive. We only intend to use 1 LCD panel with the card so having one port is not a fatal flaw.

The card is UEFI so it can be used with a secure boot setup if desired. UEFI has been standard now since Windows 8 has been delivered some 8 years ago. We saw some comments about quad UEFI.

Now we can play Battlefield 1 and Battlefield Hardline without worry. The RX 470 far exceeds the requirements. The RX 470 is so powerful it even beats 9th generation console graphics. This is why we selected the RX 470, to show how a PC can reclaim the crown with a simple video card upgrade.

Now with the RX 470 and a 1920×1080 LCD, no game will be unplayable for many years to come. Now we can turn our attention to motherboards and processors.

The RX 470 is now so affordable that a dual card gaming rig is not the expensive venture it used to be. Dual card motherboard are more expensive and strong processors are needed. Many games can use dual cards but many others cannot so its not a perfect setup but even a single RX 470 can handle demanding games fine.


Installing any driver from Windows update or AMD causes the display to turn off. We are aware of a lot of problems with drivers and video cards that do not work  DDU and the basic driver works, but anything else so far with Windows 10 version 1803 has been a problem.