Silent DescentSilent Descent has released  on November 14, 2017  by Deceptive Games who also developed it.  Silent Descent is a firsr person phychological survival horror.

This atmospheric titlle reminds us of Outlast which is another horror survival game.

Trapped in purgatory, you play as Samuel Harris who roams in an endless loop of anguish, pain and suffering. Can you find a way to save a tormented man’s soul?

Silent Descent’s setting and story is loosely based on real life events. Which makes this all the more creepy.

The game offers multiple enemies types of the after-life. You are the hunted, not the hunter. The puzzles in the game help add pressure to a tense situation. The scare scenes make the game surpsingly good.


Operating System Windows 7 x64 or better
CPU Core 2 Duo or better
Memory 6 GB or more
Hard Drive Space 6 GB
Graphics Hardware NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or better
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required


Silent Descent screenshot