sk-hynix-logoSK hynix has a new 96-layer TLC NAND SSD which will move the capacity limits up another notch. The announcement was seen at the Flash Memory Summit 2018 at Santa Clara.

They indicated that the new chips will be available in volume in the the first half of 2019. We expect these chips will find there way into a wide range of products.

A new approach called charge trapped flash has several advantages with no additional shortcomings which may lead to better endurance and read speeds.

Intel and Toshiba have been cranking out SSD drives for several years and it seems that more and more improvement are making the technology better and better.

The hard disk vendors are realizing their day is done, not, Seagate still sells millions of hard disks every week. WDC also still sells millions of hard disks. Hard disks with USB cables are popular for backups.